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Cristiano Ronaldo gives the secret of his motivation!

Cristiano Ronaldo revealed where he drew his exceptional motivation. A bit masochistic the Cricri.

Decidedly he never does anything like the others that one! When most other players derive their motivation from their family, supporters or their love for their club, Cristiano Ronaldo takes his own … from “haters”. In an interview for Coach Magazine, the Portuguese spoke about his relationship with his (many) critics: “Football taught me that I had to use negative people as a source of motivation.” In fact, I need my enemies. “They were the ones who helped me achieve what I won.” Thank you, who? We finally understand why Cristiano is so hard this season. People don’t hate him enough. Go make a little effort, it’s for his own good! Let’s hope for CR7 that the supporters of Deportivo Alavés who will receive Real Saturday will have understood the message. Cricri likes to hurt himself.

At the same time, we know well the small side of Ronaldo who likes to play it victim of the media and supporters. If it can make it move … In any case, the native of Funchal has an interest in being violent if he does not want to see the Golden Ball 2016 pass him under the nose. Because Messi he does not wait for him. And for the coup, the Argentine had the opportunity to fill to the max his “detesting gauge” last weekend on the field of FC Valencia. Will Cricri succeed in catching up next Saturday? We can’t wait to find out.

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