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Cristiano Ronaldo deserves “clearly” the Golden Ball for Zidane

In a press conference, Zidane embarked on a real plea for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Before the meeting between Deportivo Alavés and Real Madrid, Zinédine Zidane spoke about the designation of the Golden Ball 2016 which is approaching at great step. And for him, there is no doubt possible, it is Cristiano Ronaldo who must win it (he would have bet). “Cristiano has put the bar so high that it feels like every time he doesn’t score is a problem,” he noted. “And that’s the opposite.” In 2016 it did much not only at the individual level but also at the collective level. He knows that it is for his work and also for the rest of the team. He deserves the golden ball. Clearly. ” If it is not a nice pleading we do not know.

Unfortunately for Zidane and his little protégé, the selection does not stop after the first 6 months of the year 2016. Because since the beginning of the season, the cricket phenomenon that we knew has left its place to a player almost any. Zidane himself recognizes that his player is not satisfied with his own performance, far from it: “He can be upset and that’s normal, because he wants to score goals.” But of concern, no. What Cristiano Ronaldo does is unique, he put the bar very high, he has to live with it. “It’s the posture of a phenomenon and it’s a phenomenon.” How Beautiful.

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