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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lucas Vazquez are scrambling on Instagram

CR7 did not appreciate that Lucas Vazquez and the Spanish selection participate in the “dummy Challenge”. And he said it!

We were warned, Cristiano Ronaldo does not like to be walking on his flowerbeds. That a teammate marks in his place, that he prefers another player and CR7 spreads his wrath. This time it was Lucas Vazquez who triggered the number 7 lightning. In question, the model Challenge. For those who have not seen this phenomenon, the “model Challenge”, organized as a group, is to freeze in an unlikely position while a framer sneaks among the “statues”. Last week CR7 and the Portuguese had lent themselves to the game with Cristiano featured. A few days later, the Spanish selection also delivered its version of the “Challenge”. Posted on the Instagram account of Lucas Vazquez in particular, the video made a lot of people laugh except … Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese broke a scathing comment at the address of his teammate: “Nice copy eh.” Not impressed for a penny, the Spanish international replied to Cricket: “Hahahah I did not know that it was you who invented it Cristiano.” Bang! The native of Funchal was left speechless, at least on Instagram. After this tense exchange, the two men found themselves in the training where Cristiano has severely tackled his competitor to the “dummy Challenge”. When asked about this incident, Zidane wanted to calm the spirits: “He is always like that and he should not be curbed.” “He always pushes the band and I want him to stay like that” he said about CR7. What about Vazquez? “Lucas didn’t hurt, everything’s fine.”

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