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Ballon d’or 2016: Ronaldo gives his opinion!

After many hesitations, Ronaldo (the real) finally found his favorite for the gold Ball 2016.

In just over a month we’ll finally know which player will raise the gold Ball France Football. In the meantime, the debates are increasingly tight between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. The first, largely given the winner this summer, is seeing his advance melt like snow in the sun after a start of the galley season. Fortunately, cricket still has some supporters in the race to the prestigious award as Ronaldo (the real): “It costs me to choose one or the other because I do not like to show me unfair with Messi or CR7,” but if I have to choose this year, for the titles won, I believe that Cristiano has more merit, he said on the sidelines of an event in Mexico.

In the gold ball race, Ronaldo can count on the players passed by Real Madrid. Before Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Zidane spoke in favor of the one who will squat the Real locker room until the age of 36 years. His extension finally signed (and his astronomical salary assured), cricket will finally be able to concentrate fully on his season, and it would be time. He still has a month to raise his head and burn his name on his fourth gold ball. 

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