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CR7, Messi, Barca vs. Real, Zidane: Alexandre Ruiz Plant The decor of the Clasico

A great observer of Spanish football, Alexandre Ruiz is preparing to live a new Clasico on BeIN Sport. He delivered his impressions to Melty before this particular game.

That’s it, the Clasico is coming! The most followed club game in the world will obviously be the most intense time of the week-end football. For Yes, even if your heart beats only for the Guingamp, you are not going to make us believe that you will not follow Barca-Real this Saturday 3 December (15 on BeIN Sports). As La Liga did the right thing, you can even mater the good old League 1 at night, so no excuse not to be in front of your screen in the afternoon for the shock of the 14th day of the Spanish championship! Well, we warn you already, the evening may be a little longer in front of Angers-Lorient … So we wanted to have the impressions of Alexandre Ruiz before this big date. For him, the hostilities will begin at 3 pm with the Clasico Club, where he will address the main stakes of the match with Jean-Pierre Papin, Sonny Anderson, Daniel Bravo and Luis Fernandez. We’re already looking forward to it!

The biggest game in the world?

“This is the match that perfectly represents what football is.” An almost perfect prism of the societal. Especially in Spain with the regionalist battles. For me, the Champions league remains the strongest club competition because there is a rather important symbolic of the fact that it is played on a continent-wide basis. We come to touch on geopolitical realities, particularly in eastern and northern Europe. But at the level of the national leagues, I do not see today another game more powerful than the Clasico. Whether it is on the media level as a qualitative. “Whether we like it or not, it’s undeniable that the best players on the planet are there, Barca and Real.”

His memories of Clasico

“I have tons!” As a kid, I was able to vibrate in front of the exploits of the Quinta del Buitre (the five major of Real Madrid composed of Emilio Butragueño, Miguel Pardeza, Manolo Sanchís, Míchel and Rafael Martín Vázquez at the end of the years 80, ed.). Then I liked the years worn by Raul, which was for me the symbol of the somewhat lost values of club player. And then, almost like everyone else, the period, that I had the chance to follow during his galactic period. Of course, one cannot forget the episode of the Pig’s head sent to Luis Figo, Maradona’s great wins with the Barça jersey, all those players who wore the two shirts: Luis Enrique is the last example, but there was before him the Ronaldo, Laudrup, Prosinecki … It’s a game that brings together so many things that it’s always a moment apart. “When we say that the planet stops for two hours, that’s really it!”

Lionel Messi in a picture

“I was fortunate to be present for his first goal with Barca, offered by Ronaldinho.” It was a very symbolic witness passage, which we did not really perceive at the time, but that we understood afterwards. Seeing this kid in a broad swimsuit that floated, with his long hair, it was really apart. “When we look at this kid’s trajectory today, it’s quite prodigious.

Cristiano Ronaldo in a picture

“I think of the final of the Euro 2016 …” His attitude on the bench after his injury was exceptional. The discussion with his breeder, seeing him no longer move, the tension … “It’s funny because Finally, the moment that struck me the most about it did not take place on the ground.


“I love this rivalry and for me, it looks a little like what we have been able to live in tennis with the duo Federer and Nadal.” One side has someone for whom talent is innate, fluid, natural (Federer and Messi) and on the other a workaholic, strength and self-denial (Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo). “It’s an epic joust.”


“When he arrives at the N ° 1 position in January 2016, it is said that it is a damn daring gamble.” Either it works or it can completely disappear. For me, the match that marks Zidane’s identity as coach of Real Madrid is the last derby in front of Atlético (3-0, 12th day). I think he was not motivated by an ambition of personal success when he chose to embark on this adventure on the bench of Real, but rather by his willingness to accompany his son. Because when he stops his football career after the World Cup 2006, he finds a daily “domestic”: he is in Madrid, he continues his publicity campaigns, he raises his four boys … “He has a life of father simply.””And then his son Enzo begins to cross the ranks.” In 2011, Mourinho launches him to become his deputy. It lasts a few months and the Portuguese takes Enzo up by integrating it into the training of the pros. Zidane realizes that Mourinho may be using it as a propaganda tool. In 2012, Mourinho separates from Zidane on the bench … A few months later, Enzo experienced his first difficulties with the Real C team. And I believe that it was at that time that she said, “I must go!”. It’s a personal idea but I think Enzo was his first engine. “I see a real ambition as an altruistic father, in the image of what he was as a player.”

A little Prono?

“It’s a game apart so everything can really happen.” The only thing is that Real, despite its wounded, is better tactically. I return to the last victory in the face of Atlético because for me it illustrates Zidane’s ability to use all the strengths of his group. At the same time, Barca is currently too slave to its attack trio and the construction of the bench is not as strong. On paper, I would give a benefit to Real. “But the game is played in Barcelona …” What do you expect from this game?

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