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Real Madrid: The girlfriend of CR7 envied by the other Wags?

Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s new companion, would be sidelined by his Real counterparts. Jealousy?

At the beginning of the season, Cristiano Ronaldo introduced his new girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, a 23-year-old supermodel. Evidence that this is serious between the two, CR7 and his son took the pose with the young woman at the award ceremony of the trophy “the Best”. Better yet, she would be very much appreciated by the-very present-mother of cricket, Dolores. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same on the side of Real Madrid. According to the Spanish press, Georgina would not have been able to be accepted by the other companions of the Merengue. Suspected of having used cosmetic surgery, the young woman would be the target of not very cool remarks of her counterparts. She was even ignored by Pilar Rubio, the companion of Sergio Ramos at the “the Best” ceremony.

However, Pilar Rubio, has taken the defense of the newcomer by leaving Nice comments on the Instagram account of the latter. She also spoke. In a statement by Don Balon, the TV presenter refused to overwhelm Ms. Rodriguez: “For me, the most important thing is to see Cristiano happy, like the whole team.” “But I can’t give my opinion on it because I don’t know it.” Hopefully the young lady will succeed in making her place.

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