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Practice like Cristiano Ronaldo with the Nike + training Club app and the CR7 exercises

Cristiano Ronaldo’s training is very demanding and requires a lot of follow-up. A mobile sport specialist, Nike collaborated with his ambassador to launch new exercises on NTC.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been flying over his contemporaries for a few years. But it requires a lot of rigour and training. If the day before a game, CR7 drinks tea with honey or milk in a hot bath for 20 minutes, its routine is as relaxing as it is strategic. The Portuguese fire-craze that no longer separates its Air Zoom OG Mariah firmly believes in every detail that will allow her to make the difference on the ground in order to perform better than anyone in his sport. If by chance you want to practice like CR7, it is finally possible with the Nike + training Club app, and MeltyStyle tells you more now.

Although his workouts are demanding, Ronaldo realizes that to become the best, he needs to control all aspects of his health “eating well, staying hydrated and sleeping well” he says. “It’s my focus since I started my career.” Nike + training Club, the indispensable application for sports at home with a real sports coach, now offers the two new trainings of Cristiano Ronaldo who recently travelled on a Nike plane to join China. Another training will come out soon so if you have not downloaded NTC (Nike + training Club) on your smartphone, this is the time or never.

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