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If footballers were clothing brands, it would give that

At a time when the clothing specialists make the figure, the time is well chosen to imagine the perfect ambassadors of a few brands of undermining.

We did not need to go far to find similarities between the world of football and fashion. Just analyze the attitude of a player and the style of a brand so that analogies jump to the eyes. At the game of comparisons, a throat tackle becomes a faux-not fashion and the punchline release in Conf ‘ Press is akin to a shock promo campaign. And the crossing goes even further than that. With the five examples that will follow, let’s say that you will be convinced.

Francesco Totti X Dolce & Gabbana

Upscale on the Green meadow and outside, the Italian is as inseparable from the Roma as Dolce du Gabbana. Like these famous transalpine couturiers who managed to weave sobriety with a measured extravagance, Totti sewed his legend by constantly using difficult elements to mix. The simple crochet that makes all the difference, this change of pace that breaks that of the opponent, the angle of pass indecipherable … So many advantages that color the game product of the Roman. Summer and winter.Zlatan Ibrahimovic X North Face

Still roaming the four corners of Europe (and probably the world at the end of his career), Ibrahimovic is puncture. A mountain is never too high for this Swede who does not fear the cold. Ibra is also an all-terrain player-with his four championships won in as many countries-crossing the seasons without complaining about the weather he does. However, the hot-man causes big dependency crises. Because being an orphan of the Goleador is like losing your North Face blanket: It’s hard to get over it.Cristiano Ronaldo X Nike

Ambition. Pushing its limits. The sport pushed to its climax. It looks like ideas lying on a post’it during a brainstorming at Nike, but it’s actually all that characterizes CR7. His race to the records and his cult of the result are ideally suited to the brand image of the American OEM. And like the famous comma, Portuguese radiates throughout the world. “Just Ronaldo It”, would have whispered an intern from Nike at a recent exchange of ideas in Oregon.Lionel Messi X Replay

We’re going to loop his basics. Like the jeans, Leo is one of the timeless. Tirelessly in the trend, his play improves even with age. Like the must-have that never takes the dust in a closet. Sometimes, the Argentine allows itself the small follies of clothing or capillaries, similar to the original pieces proposed by replay. But it always comes down to its standards that have made its glory.Karim Benzema X Ünkut

“Starting from the bottom.” From the Lyon suburb of Bron to the life of castle in Spain, Karim Benzema continues his success story. The connection with the meteoric ascent of the Booba brand is all found, since the Ünkut first warmed the shoulders of the neighborhood kids before tapping into the eye of Cristiano Ronaldo.Grzegorz Krychowiak X Adadas

In both cases, there is a tort of counterfeiting, a lie about merchandise and litigation amounting to several million euros.

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