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If Cristiano Ronaldo was (already) actor, he would have been perfect in these films

The Real Madrid striker recently confided that he would be a good actor once the cleats were hung up. By reflecting on it, CR7 would not do a job in some films.

My life is only football. “After my career, I would like to go to the movies.” This is what Cristiano Ronaldo released last week at four four Two magazine. In order to verify his potential actor, I have drawn up a list of films in which Portuguese could have played a role with gusto. And frankly, I detect a big potential.

Fast and furiousWith all the luxury crates he has, Cristiano deserved a role. And still deserves it. Since the saga continues over and over again, the triple gold ball can keep hope and dream of appearing alongside the Great Vin Diesel. They can even compete in ABS and push-ups, take selfies and other snaps in Marcel and play who better-better on the one who tunes the most his crates. We still talk about a Portuguese eh, it knows about tuning. From there to replace the late Paul Walker?

Magic MikeThe main actor is Channing Tatum. A guy who worked as a stripper before breaking into the cinema. True story. So this role fit him like a glove. But honestly, I don’t see how Cristiano Ronaldo would not be able to interpret this role. The guy likes to fuck himself in underwear and show off his abs. As soon as he can, he does it with pleasure. No work needed to “embody the character”, CR7 is the character. Naturally.

Le prestigeThe story of an incredible rivalry between two magicians, Robert Angier and Alfred Borden. The first is obsessed with the tour of “transported man” carried out by the second. He wonders how he does it, discovers the feint, does not believe it, spends all his fortune to be also able, at the price of his soul … What to recognise CR7, eager to recognize and support the odds of Leo Messi.

Forrest GumpA foolproof machine. An impressive physique. The guy can gallop 90 min non stop, 120 same. and repeat that every three days for years. Like Forrest Gump. Running is not a problem, it’s natural, simple, effortless. Without forcing, he eats the others. After that, I’m not saying that Cristiano had to wear scraps of metal to correct a possible physical malformation, or that he’s autistic. Let’s hear it. It’s just a fucking marathon.

Les affranchisCristiano does not like to be mocked. Again last week, after missing his double rake and suffered the whistles of the Santiago Bernabeau, the attacker replied direct: “Calma, Calma!” Like “Shut up, guys, I’m the best and you know it!” Like Joe Cfspi, a.k.a. Tommy DeVito, who shoots Billy bats for a unflattering remark and messes up in the crap by reacting on a shot of blood. Or like when he shoots the young Spider just to show him that he would have liked to receive his whiskey faster. CR7 also gets impatient and makes it known when he feels that he is not treated with the respect he deserves.

La routeSingle father, Cristiano Ronaldo takes his role very much to heart. Attentive, present, crazy about his offspring, he is a devoted and exemplary father. Like Viggo Mortensen who does everything to protect his son despite the setbacks and obstacles to a quiet life. Well, okay, Cristiano and his son don’t live in an apocalyptic world where guys want to eat them. But that would be a beautiful metaphor. And all the proportions kept, the most likely Golden Ball 2016 (a few hours from the official result) deserves the title of Papa Courage.

The FlashIt’s a shame, it’s a few months. Planned for March 2018, the film directed by George Miller could have chosen Cristiano while waiting a few months. Yes, come on, a few years, oh that vaaaaaa! In view of the Portuguese’s speed point, it is quite legitimate. Given his musculature, he would have sent fat into his tight suit. And given his notoriety, he’s downright bankable. There was everything. This is only part of the rebate, there will necessarily be another Occaz ‘. Do you believe in an Oscar after the Golden Ball?

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