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Cristiano Ronaldo will play in a series with Angelina Jolie!

Cristiano Ronaldo will make an appearance in a Turkish series with, among others, Angelina Jolie.

We often tax the football players of actors, and Cristiano Ronaldo does not escape. Portuguese has been a master in the art of acting on the field, and it is therefore quite normal that one thinks of him to put his talent to the service of television. According to the Sun, Cristiano Ronaldo will make an appearance in the Turkish series “Hayat Köprüsü”. The pitch? Follow the daily life of a Syrian family fleeing their country because of the raging civil War. The director of the series, Eyüp Dirlik, confirmed this great news: “We will start shooting from the first week of April, the series is about the fate of a family of refugees and everything that happens to them.” “There will be appearances of actors and actresses from all over the world, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Angelina Jolie and Nancy Ajram.” We can’t wait!
It must be said that we have been waiting a long time for the explosion of CR7 in the cinema. If the latter already has a film in his honor, he has not yet exercised the profession of actor (on stage). Because on the lawn, sometimes it takes little for cricket to play Comedia dell’arte, at the risk of covering himself with ridicule. Finally, with this series, the Madrid may hold its revenge, and there is no doubt that its qualities as comedians will make a difference. Also read: If Cristiano Ronaldo was (already) actor, he would have been perfect in these films. Do you think CR7 has any talents as an actor?

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