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Cristiano Ronaldo: Neymar is a fan of him

In an interview for CNN, Neymar praised the speed and strength of Cristiano Ronaldo.

At FC Barcelona, Neymar Deton. The Brazilian is one of the few to admit to admire Cristiano Ronaldo. And he showed it again this week. In an interview for CNN, the former player of Santos was invited to create his ideal footballer, way Dr. Frankenstein, based on the characteristics of his colleagues. For Neymar, the ultimate player would have the acceleration of cricket: “I’ve seen a lot of stars, but none that unraves of tagging like Cristiano.” In the category “Force”, Neymar also votes CR7: “For its explosiveness, for its decision making, for its speed, for everything …” If it’s not a nice tribute. But hey, it’s not just cricket in life. In the “technical” category, he chooses his Messi gossip: “Because he is the best player in the world.” Just. As for the shooting, the Brazilian chooses a compatriot in the person of Romario: “It was the best in this field, and in the first pass to go to the goal.” “He’s a football star,” he said.

Regarding the game vision, Ronaldinho is above: “For his ability to make key passes, which are virtually impossible.” And personality in all this? The 24-year-old player praises the qualities of Iniesta in this field: “It is authentic and very quiet, it overflows with natural on and off the ground.” Side “sense of humour”, Neymar appreciates that of Dani Alves: “He is spontaneous, happy, and always equal to himself.” To conclude, a very important topic for Ney ‘, the haircut: “It must be mine, I had so many.

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