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Cristiano Ronaldo is really no longer the same, and it shows

Even though he hasn’t planted a pawn on his last two outings, cricket doesn’t have the Blues. Amazing you do not find?

Cristiano Ronaldo had already alerted us about his future transformation. Remember, it was during an interview given to our colleagues in France Football. “To evolve his game with age is something totally natural,” declared the Portuguese European champion. And this evolution is actually running. The commander of Real Madrid, who had accustomed us to slamming strikes at Larigot and to engage in phases of dribbling, today favors the product of collective play to personal stats. You just have to check the figures of these last two performances, facing Naples in C1 and against Espanyol Barcelona in La Liga to come out convinced of your reading.

Neapolitans and Catalans were able to see the new Cristiano at work. A guy who goes first available to help his buddies create the danger, as evidenced by his 51 passes delivered in half of the opposing terrain on both matches, and which, in a second time, will go to hit the swell. But on this side, he has done much better in the past: His last six shots did not find the frame. His reaction? Not a single gesture of humour and no gueulante on anyone. appeased, the guy doesn’t seem as obsessed by the Nets as before. His ego has probably deflated contrary to his sense of the collective that is taking proportions of Number 10. There is perhaps the next stage of the transformation of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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