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Cristiano Ronaldo: How much money he makes with his photos sponsored on Instagram!

Cristiano Ronaldo can make a max of Thunes with a single photo on Instagram. Find out how much the Portuguese fire-craze is pocketing!

It’s an open secret: The stars are paid to swing pictures on Instagram. And at this game, it’s not just the sisters of Kim Kardashian who stand out. When it does not promote a Nubia smartphone, Cristiano Ronaldo puts forward other brands. It must be said that with 106 million followers on Instagram, CR7 forces respect. The one who recently launched his new fashion project is one of the stars who earn the most money on Instagram. Come on, follow the guide to learn more!

Cristiano Ronaldo is the male star that all the brands are ripping off. What for? It’s a simple thing. Portuguese is the king of Instagram with its 106 million subscribers. And the footballer knows of course that he is very courted since he does not hesitate to ask up to 400,000 dollars to post on his Instagram a photo of a specific product. We understand better why CR7 is richer than Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.

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