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Ballon d’or 2016: Cristiano Ronaldo puts everyone in agreement!

Cristiano Ronaldo wins the Gold Ball 2016! Back on his exceptional year.

It’s official! The gold Ball France Football 2016 was awarded to … Cristiano Ronaldo! This is the fourth time that the Real Madrid player won this award after 2008, 2013 and 2014. He now points to a unit of the Record d’or France football, Lionel Messi. At the end of an exceptional season punctuated by a victory in the Champions League and the Euro 2016, CR7 will finally be able to raise a well-deserved reward. It’s simple, this year it’s been everywhere. Decisive, friend Cricket scored 51 goals this year, (club + selection). Proof that even at 31 years old, soon 32, it is always indispensable, whether with Real or with Portugal. In fact, the Casa Blanca was not mistaken in offering a new contract for a period of five years.

It must be said that this year the suspense did not really exist. Because faced with the dazzling season of cricket, dotted with rare empty passages here and there, the competition was rather to the absent subscribers. Messi realized, as usual, an exceptional season. But the Argentine suffered from his new failure in Copa America with Argentina, and the elimination of Barça from the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Finally, after a very beautiful year, our national Grizou shows beautiful promises for the future and could well threaten the hegemony CR7-Messi. Bravo, Cricket! 

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